Novy, your kitchen's secret ingredient

Power, silence and connectivity

We are the secret ingredient of your kitchen. The silent power of our experience is incorporated in everything we make. Our cooker hoods and hobs are extremely and minimalistic in design, created to bring peace to the heart of the kitchen.

Powerful too, built with a eye for precision and perfection. And designed so that you can comfortably cook, thanks to smart technology that lets your kitchen appliances communicate.

Novy focuses on 3 core values: power, silence and connectivity:

About Novy

Novy has a rich history and with more than 110 years’ experience, Novy is the foremost specialist in cooker hoods, also offering premium induction hobs and worktop extractors – combinations of the two. Craftsmanship and innovation are Novy's absolute drivers: from the start, the highest requirements were set in the fields of design, ease of use, sustainability and silence. Revolutionary peripheral extraction combined with optimized soundproofing ensures very efficient, yet super-quiet extraction which remains unrivalled. Today, Novy has grown into a leading European brand in kitchen ventilation and it has constructed a range of products offering solutions for every type of kitchen.

 Novy cooker hoods are still developed and manufactured in Kuurne, in West Flanders, and the company is Belgium's market leader, employing around 250 people.

Our products are known for their remarkable quality, craftsmanship and innovation. With a view to making the brand available worldwide, there are Novy subsidiaries in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Novy also works with distributors in Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Israel and Scandinavie and there are plans to expand even further afield…

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