Novy ArchiTalks

Your dream kitchen: how does an architect start the process of designing it?

Find out in our "Architalks": a short series in which three architects tell us more about their visions on kitchen design. Where do they find inspiration, how do they proceed, which materials do they use and why do they make certain choices.

Three architects with completely different approaches show us one of their favourite projects, in which they finished the kitchen layout with a NOVY cooker hood perfectly in tune with the proposed design.

Curious as to how they do it? Meet them here.


"The perfect marriage between romantic and minimalist design"

The interior architect, Judith van Mourik, effortlessly combines traditional materials and contemporary trends in her own kitchen and her design projects. Watch this video to gain an insight into the mindset and kitchen of this talented Rotterdam based interior architect and stylist.

Architalk#2 (more info in August)

"Clearly audible conversations alongside a noiseless cooker hood”

Koen Pauwels and Wim Van der Vurst, the founders of ISM, want their projects to touch and surprise people. In this project in Hasselt, they designed a carefully considered interior, including a kitchen acting as the central hub for a new blended family.

Architalk#3 (more info in September)

"A cooker hood which contributes to an energy efficient home?"

As in this project, for example, in which the architect, Kristof De Lange, combined the narrative of a former automotive paint factory with an industrial style, energy efficient home. He designed this striking project in Sint-Niklaas with both the environment and the building’s history in mind.


"The perfect marriage between romantic and minimalist design"

A combination of soft and hard materials, new and traditional elements, a decorative or more refined style? Dutch interior architect, Judith van Mourik, loves contrast. The kitchen in her own house in Rotterdam is a typical example of the industrial trend based on rigid lines, polished steel and discreetly integrated NOVY appliances. The robust look, combined with frivolous accents, creates an idiosyncratic and eclectic result.

Induction cooking is on the up and up. It is the cooking of the future as far as Judith van Mourik is concerned. Novy Panorama

is a definite hit for those who favour subtle design in quiet surroundings, because silent operation is a special feature of this smart worktop extraction system. Interior architect, Judith van Mourik, opted for worktop extraction because she likes

  • USP Architalk#1 a sleek, industrial look
  • USP Architalk#1 innovative technology
  • USP Architalk#1 pure and timeless design
  • USP Architalk#1 uninterrupted spatial perception