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Black kitchen, open-plan kitchen, luxury kitchen … Novy kitchen trends

There’s only a few weeks left of 2020, so the time has come to look ahead to next year. Are you dreaming of a new kitchen and are you curious about...

Discover the 5 kitchen trends for 2021

A Cooker Hood as Eye-Catcher in a Low-Energy Home

Low energy living is getting more popular. When looking at the long list of advantages, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Because we like to deal...

More about his vision on sustainable living

A cooker hood as a quiet, high-performance force in the kitchen

It is nowadays difficult to imagine an interior without an open-plan kitchen. They are central meeting places, where the whole family comes together...

More about their family kitchen

The latest kitchen trend: industrial design focused on sleek lines and smart appliances

A combination of soft and hard materials, new and traditional elements, a decorative or more refined style? Dutch interior architect, Judith van...

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