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Your new kitchen in 7 questions

Think, this is going to be your kitchen for the next few years. Finally the time has come: you’re about to build a brand new kitchen, or you’re...

Looking for a new kitchen? Read our 7 need-to-know-tips

Which type of kitchen is perfect for you?

Do the test! Simple but practical, cosy and spacious or 100% high tech: the perfect kitchen for every kitchen prince(ss) 1. In your kitchen… a) …...

TEST: Which type of kitchen is perfect for you?

The main kitchen trends of the moment

All about kitchen design and layout As our homes are getting smaller, the living space function is shifting towards the kitchen. No wonder that we...

The 5 most striking kitchen trends!

The 10 commandments for a great dinner party

Relaxed, delicious and easy Got a dinner planned? Keep this checklist in mind and your evening is bound to be successful. 1. Be prepared Consult...

Planning a dinner at your home? Read our checklist for the ultimate dinnerparty!

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